Stories from The Library Theatre Company’s old home in Manchester Central Library
Do you recognise from your own life any problems similar to those faced by any of the characters you have seen portrayed on the stage?
Are there any productions or plays that you have seen on the Library stage which have changed how you think or feel about the world beyond the theatre?
Is there a particular Director whose work with the Library Theatre Company you have appreciated, and why?
Are there any events or changes in your own life that you have seen reflected on the Library stage?
How well do you know the Library Theatre Company’s work?
Have you experienced any unexpected, startling or haunting moments in plays or productions by the Library Theatre Company?
What memories do you have of working in the old Library Theatre?
Do you recall a tune, a song, a singer, a lyric, or a score from a Library Theatre show?
Is there a stage image or set design from a Library Theatre Company production which affected you, and why?
What messages would you like to send to Library Theatre Company actors, directors, writers, or other theatre workers, past or present?
Is there an image, scene or moment from a play you have seen on the Library stage, which stands out in your memory?

Are there any particular lines or words spoken on the Library stage that stay in your mind?